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Interiors: The Sleeproom

Beds aren’t something I much cover on Homebug for the simple reason that looking up beds when you already have one isn’t half as much fun as looking up all that other good stuff like chairs and lamps. My attitude has generally been “Yeah, you’re looking for a bed? Well, you’re on your own. I already have a bed.”

In fact oddly enough last month we hired a motorhome from MotorhomeFreedom.com which has really amazing beds, so I started thinking about my bed at home and thought it was definitely time for an upgrade. Then I discovered The Sleeproom and found that researching beds needn’t be a total snooze (ho ho). The Sleeproom’s beds are, I think you’ll agree, the awesome, and their styling is right up my street. Even if all you’re looking for is bedroom design inspiration, you should take a look round The Sleeproom.

PS: I have oodles of updates to post, but NTL’s sucky, sucky internet service is driving me bananas, and I can’t make any promises as to when said updates will materialise. Sigh.

House and Home magazine

Sorry about the lack of updates lately – I’ve been experiencing connectivity problems AGAIN and, believe you me, if you get annoyed when there are no new posts on Homebug, I’m right there with you.

The latest lovely issue of House & Home is in shops now and features an article I put together about Irish bloggers and their decorating tips. Huge thanks to those who assisted me and an extra special “cheers” to Lorna from Garrendenny Lane for being helpful to the max, as always. Check out the mag to see if your favourite sites get a mention.

The first issue of the year is always my favourite House & Home because it invariably features H&H’s list of the Hot 100 people, places and businesses in Irish design – previous lists have turned me on to some amazing stuff. So what fun to find Homebug appearing on the Hot 100 this year! I know it might seem a little like nepotism because, ahem, I do write for House & Home, but I assure you this is the first I knew of my inclusion on the list, swearsies!

Tuesday : interiors : ooh la la Redoute

If, like me, your furniture budget doesn’t stretch much further than the wares of our Scandinavian overlords but you don’t want your home looking completely homogenous and Ikea’d, you can of course rummage for bargainous vintage treasures in charity shops, auctioneers, salvage warehouses and online.

If you want shiny new modern design at Ikea-like prices, though, one online shop I rate is La Redoute in France. La Redoute is especially good for cheap and cheerful dining chairs, but trawl through the website and you’re bound to find some stylish and bargainous bits and pieces of all varieties; I’m sort of in awe of La Redoute’s, em, “homage” to Foscarini’s €1,000+ Twiggy lamp – a pretty blimmin’ convincing lookalike for the noble price of €107???? I’m all about it. Buy the La Redoute version (above) here.

And, mais oui, La Redoute delivers to Ireland!

Chunky chairs in green, purple, white, black orange, red – €55; pendant lights – €19.90 each

Wegner-esque chairs in black, white or natural – €228 for 2

The Czech Chair-esque “Ponette” chair – €93.75; One of my all-time favourites, the authentic Tolix Chair – €175.50.

Bent ply stacking chairs in green, orange, white, red, plum and black – €33.75 each

Wardrobe: Twenty for Twenty Ten

Sorry, no photo of yours truly and my latest sartorial experiment this week. I’ve been using these snow days as an excuse to huddle up by the fire watching DVDs* and doing nothing as strenuous as posing around taking photos of myself. That will be back next week, I promise.

In the meantime, I present my top twenty must-have wardrobe updates for 2010. “You’re updating your wardrobe with more stripes, spots, bows and bright colours?” says you, “Isn’t that all you wear anyway?”. Um… yes. What of it?

The great thing about this collection of clobber is that it’s all entirely interchangeable and every piece works with every other piece… I mean, if you’re me, like.

(*Turns out that my New Year’s resolution to watch 365 movies I haven’t seen before might not be any sort of challenge at all.)

1. Ted Baker hat (reduced to £27! Sweet!)
2. Paul & Joe Sister dress
3. Dahlia dress, BT2 (€80)
4. Orla Kiely cardigan (£142)
5. Love Moschino cardigan (€205)
6. Hey Awear, if these gold-buttoned cardigans sell out in size small, here’s an idea – restock them. I missed out on the pink “Marge-Simpson-does-Chanel” version of this cardigan and I’m still pining.
7. Get out of my dreams and into my wardrobe, red polka dot blazer from Topshop (£45)
8. Pink + polka dot + tank top = happy days. From Joules (£27.30).

9. Pink tweed skirt, Joules
10. Yellow beaded necklace, Joules (£22)
11. Military brooch, Joules (£18)
12. Teddy bow sweater, Monsoon (£50)
13. Gina Jacquard sweater, Monsoon (£48)
14. Wrestlemania trainers, Irregular Choice (I need these so badly. Sequined wrestling shoes, dudes!) (£55)
15. Bejewelled frog ring, Asos (£12)
16. “Love” rosette, Topshop (£10)
17. Pink cut-out boots, Schuh (€59.50)
18. Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” t-shirt ($22)
19. Striped corsages, Topshop (£10)
20. “Buying records cheers me up” Peanuts t-shirt, Forever 21 ($18.90)