House and Home magazine

Sorry about the lack of updates lately – I’ve been experiencing connectivity problems AGAIN and, believe you me, if you get annoyed when there are no new posts on Homebug, I’m right there with you.

The latest lovely issue of House & Home is in shops now and features an article I put together about Irish bloggers and their decorating tips. Huge thanks to those who assisted me and an extra special “cheers” to Lorna from Garrendenny Lane for being helpful to the max, as always. Check out the mag to see if your favourite sites get a mention.

The first issue of the year is always my favourite House & Home because it invariably features H&H’s list of the Hot 100 people, places and businesses in Irish design – previous lists have turned me on to some amazing stuff. So what fun to find Homebug appearing on the Hot 100 this year! I know it might seem a little like nepotism because, ahem, I do write for House & Home, but I assure you this is the first I knew of my inclusion on the list, swearsies!