Interiors: The Sleeproom

Beds aren’t something I much cover on Homebug for the simple reason that looking up beds when you already have one isn’t half as much fun as looking up all that other good stuff like chairs and lamps. My attitude has generally been “Yeah, you’re looking for a bed? Well, you’re on your own. I already have a bed.”

In fact oddly enough last month we hired a motorhome from which has really amazing beds, so I started thinking about my bed at home and thought it was definitely time for an upgrade. Then I discovered The Sleeproom and found that researching beds needn’t be a total snooze (ho ho). The Sleeproom’s beds are, I think you’ll agree, the awesome, and their styling is right up my street. Even if all you’re looking for is bedroom design inspiration, you should take a look round The Sleeproom.

PS: I have oodles of updates to post, but NTL’s sucky, sucky internet service is driving me bananas, and I can’t make any promises as to when said updates will materialise. Sigh.