Wardrobe: Twenty for Twenty Ten

Sorry, no photo of yours truly and my latest sartorial experiment this week. I’ve been using these snow days as an excuse to huddle up by the fire watching DVDs* and doing nothing as strenuous as posing around taking photos of myself. That will be back next week, I promise.

In the meantime, I present my top twenty must-have wardrobe updates for 2010. “You’re updating your wardrobe with more stripes, spots, bows and bright colours?” says you, “Isn’t that all you wear anyway?”. Um… yes. What of it?

The great thing about this collection of clobber is that it’s all entirely interchangeable and every piece works with every other piece… I mean, if you’re me, like.

(*Turns out that my New Year’s resolution to watch 365 movies I haven’t seen before might not be any sort of challenge at all.)

1. Ted Baker hat (reduced to £27! Sweet!)
2. Paul & Joe Sister dress
3. Dahlia dress, BT2 (€80)
4. Orla Kiely cardigan (£142)
5. Love Moschino cardigan (€205)
6. Hey Awear, if these gold-buttoned cardigans sell out in size small, here’s an idea – restock them. I missed out on the pink “Marge-Simpson-does-Chanel” version of this cardigan and I’m still pining.
7. Get out of my dreams and into my wardrobe, red polka dot blazer from Topshop (£45)
8. Pink + polka dot + tank top = happy days. From Joules (£27.30).

9. Pink tweed skirt, Joules
10. Yellow beaded necklace, Joules (£22)
11. Military brooch, Joules (£18)
12. Teddy bow sweater, Monsoon (£50)
13. Gina Jacquard sweater, Monsoon (£48)
14. Wrestlemania trainers, Irregular Choice (I need these so badly. Sequined wrestling shoes, dudes!) (£55)
15. Bejewelled frog ring, Asos (£12)
16. “Love” rosette, Topshop (£10)
17. Pink cut-out boots, Schuh (€59.50)
18. Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” t-shirt ($22)
19. Striped corsages, Topshop (£10)
20. “Buying records cheers me up” Peanuts t-shirt, Forever 21 ($18.90)